Meet Me At The Raw Bar

Imagine this, it's a stressful week in the office (most of you don't have to imagine this part, though), between meetings that go on for far longer than necessary to the boss man not being impressed with the presentation you spent hours prepping for and to top it off the T is absurdly slow during rush hour and packed to the brim with strangers...only to be going back to your house that needs to be cleaned and dinner that needs to be cooked. What if we had the perfect solution for you, where you can sit back, relax with a cocktail and all your favorite seafood within arms reach. Well it's no longer something you have to imagine, it's happening and it's happening right at the front of our bar! 

Why not spend an hour or two after work distressing and by the time you've done so the T will be running on schedule and you might even get a seat for you ride home!