Racket Buster 10
Named after the famed Boston cop James Sheehan,
a “good honest” blend of Ketel One Vodka, Aperol,
Yellow Chartreuse, lemon, simple & Peychaud’s.

Million Dollar Cop 14
“Our take” on how Oliver Garrett may have spent
his bribes. Hendrick’s gin, lemon, Chambord, egg,
raspberries & bubbles.
The Spigot Bigot 10
Quite the opposite. IPA, Mezcal Scorpion, Solerno,
Agave, lime & Hellfire.

Nation of Scofflaws 12 n. A person who flouts the law, esp. by
failing to comply with a law that is difficult to enforce
effectively. Koval Rye, Lillet Blanc, pomegranate
grenadine & lemon.
Archers Evening Law 12
In honor of Gleason Archer Sr. A perfect blend of Cold
River Blueberry Vodka , basil & House Lemon Cordial.

Ultima Palabra 12
Judges always have the “last word” no matter what the
language. Mezcal Vida, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino
& lime.
Boston Mahatma 14
Martin Michael Lomasney ”Never write if you can
speak, never speak if you can nod, never nod if you
can wink,” Glenfiddich, Punt A Mes, Maraschino
& Angostura.

Rascal King 10
We wonder what Mayor James Michael Curley did
to get this nickname. Captain Morgan, Deville Brandy,
Peach Schnapps, & lemon.

Liggett’s Literature 10
Walter W. Liggett paid with his life for such articles
as “Bawdy in Boston” & “Michigan-Soused and Serene”.
Gozio Ameretto, Old Foster Signature, egg white,
lemon & simple.

Boston Strong Boy 8
John L. Sullivan hid from Carrie in a NY saloon she
visited, let’s hope we can pack a little more “PUNCH”
with our weekly offerings.
Volstead 12
Was this just an act? Brugal Extra Dry Rum, Yellow
Chartreuse, Maraschino, House Lemon Cordial &
Grapefruit Bitters.

King Solomon 14
The Al Capone of Boston Gangsters ran the show
until he was gunned down at the Cotton Club. Don
Julio Reposado Tequila, House-made Limoncello, Mint and Ginger
The Old Fashioned, Old Fashion – 1806 10
Bulleit Rye, Angostura, simple
Sidecar – Paris WWI 10
Remy Martin, Cointreau, lemon
Vieux Carré – 1930’s 10
Dickel Rye, Deville Brandy, Punt e Mes,
Benedictine, Angostira
Sazerac – New Orleans 1859 10
Hennessy, Peychaud’s, simple, Pernod rinse
Aviation – 1916 10
Beefeater Gin, Maraschino, Creme de Violette, lemon
Orange Blossom – 1930’s 10
Ketel One Oranje, Punt e Mes, orange juice
Gin Fizz – 1920’s 10
Tanquaray Gin, simple, lime, egg white, soda
Julep “Your Way” – 2013 10
Casa Noble Single Barrel Tequila, Bulleit
Bourbon, Bacardi 8